Warning: Buy AINTEROL® only from Certified sources

by AINTEROL® Support

If you buy AINTEROL® Products from other than our official sites, authorized retail sellers or certified/authorized sellers. If they cannot produce any reliable source or form of authorization; certificate or authorized license. You can always contact us by giving seller name, address and country where they operate. We either confirm or deny such seller. We don’t endorse any form of sales of AINTEROL® products by unauthorized sellers in any country.

You may get outdated, wrongly stored or worse even copies of AINTEROL® goods. If seller insist they have authorization they need to provide you direct contact to top management or present their authorization certificate. You can always recheck authenticity of it direct by contacting us via contact form.

We don’t take any responsibility if AINTEROL® products are purchased from non-authorized sources any kind. This is for your own safety to get AINTEROL® products in perfect condition instead of getting outdated products. If you suspect your goods were old, no longer in sales or seller is non-responsive to your questions about authorization. Contact us via online form.


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