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Scorpion Venom Pain Relief Plaster (8pcs x 7*10cm)

Scorpion Venom Pain Relief Plaster

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Product Name: Scorpion Venom Pain Relief Plaster
(Comes with full "how to use" info in English)
Package: With retail box, 8 pieces/bag, Plaster/patch size 7 x 10cm each
Suitable Scope: Assist treatment for cervical spine, shoulder periarthritis, lumbar muscle strain, knee joint ache.
Legendary TCM Patch
YAO BEN REN, who become one of the most famous imperial physicians around December of 1628. He was good at using many kinds of medical herbs and plants to ease difficult symptoms and was rewarded as master of the physician pavilion. After 1644, he retired in his old age and opened a clinic. He continued to research on herbal medicine and finally got several workable ingredients. He aimed to help poor people who didn’t have money to visit physicians. His herbal TCM patches become popular among people seeking herbal remedies. Yao ben ren is the human-made “dogskin” plaster. Now we call it black medical plaster.
Stop using plaster and ask your physicist if:
1. Rash, ache, or excessive skin irritation occurs.
2. Conditions worsen.
3. Symptoms persist for more than seven days or clear up and occur again within a few days.

Item Name:       

Scorpion Venom Pain-Relief Patch


Elastic fabric, medical adhesive, 

Patch Size:

7 * 10cm

Packing Details:



3 years


Keep sealed and store in a dry and cool place


For Long-lasting relief of muscular pain, stiff neck and shoulders, contusion, sprain, backache, and arthritic pain.






Dimensions (W x H x D):
14 x 0.5 x 9.5cm

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